Our Services

Land Development Consultants (LDC) distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address the multifaceted challenges inherent in real estate development. Our commitment to providing a turn-key solution extends beyond mere project management; we are dedicated to offering a holistic approach that encompasses everything from initial site assessments to final permitting.

Our services include detailed feasibility studies, planning and zoning analysis, entitlements, project management, and permit expediting. LDC ensures that every aspect of the project is thoroughly understood and strategically managed. We excel in navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance, diligently handling the permitting process to streamline approvals.

With a focus on efficiency and innovation, we integrate years of experience into our services, further enhancing the overall success of each project.

At Land Development Consultants, we pride ourselves on being more than consultants—we are collaborative partners invested in our clients’ prosperity and the successful realization of their development endeavors.

Planning and Zoning


Project Management

Permit Expediting